Bonjour Belle x3
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New tattoo .. “The dream is gone, but then there’s hope.” #disney #disneyquote #tattoo
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Is this how you wanted it to end? With the lie of a love, and the loss of a friend. Now I’m scared of loving anybody ever again. Is this really how you wanted it to end?



whoa so similar. except the wardrobe could sing.

This is my proudest moment.


my voice is girly when I talk to strangers but when I’m with friends I turn into morgan freeman

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I wish there was a codeword for “you sprung that plan on me too last-minute and I didn’t have enough time to mentally prepare myself” because I feel kinda bad when someone spontaneously invites me to do something and I’m just like no no no no I need wARNING I have to have enough time to build up my social energy

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on the dick like

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Something I made …
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Anonymous: What happened to your YouTube? i really enjoyed your videos. 

It got hacked again |: And I can’t get it back. They got my email too.

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fvckbenny: my beautiful girl, I love you so much 

I love you so much more pookie.

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fvckbenny: you're so beautiful. I'm the luckiest guy in the world to have someone as amazing as you 

I’m the lucky one, my love.