Bonjour Belle x3
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This cutie tho. 😊


whoa so similar. except the wardrobe could sing.

This is my proudest moment.


my voice is girly when I talk to strangers but when I’m with friends I turn into morgan freeman

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I wish there was a codeword for “you sprung that plan on me too last-minute and I didn’t have enough time to mentally prepare myself” because I feel kinda bad when someone spontaneously invites me to do something and I’m just like no no no no I need wARNING I have to have enough time to build up my social energy

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on the dick like

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Something I made …
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Anonymous: What happened to your YouTube? i really enjoyed your videos. 

It got hacked again |: And I can’t get it back. They got my email too.

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fvckbenny: my beautiful girl, I love you so much 

I love you so much more pookie.

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fvckbenny: you're so beautiful. I'm the luckiest guy in the world to have someone as amazing as you 

I’m the lucky one, my love.

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fvckbenny: we need to be by the fireplace right now. just me and you 

How romantical <3

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fvckbenny: you're my number one 

You’re my everything.